“I think about it often. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us. You changed our lives and I am forever grateful.”
– M. Jimenez

“There are so many things to thank the two of you for, not the least of which is consistently being there for us … . We wonder about all the things you did that we don’t even guess at!”
– Janet and Elaine

“Thank you so very much! You two really are rock stars!”
– M. Dimos

“Your ongoing advice and assistance with every detail — smallest to grandest — has been extremely appreciated.”
– Joy, Jon, and Patsy

“You and Kathren are very involved . . . both of you go the extra mile, taking time to stage, making sure escrow is moving along, and more. Your ability to get along with people is an extra trait.”
– Jackie Unander

“You have made every step not only easy, but interesting.”
– Anonymous

“It was wonderful working with you — you are the best!”
– Kathy Benner

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf. You made great recommendations and certainly went beyond the call of duty.”
– Scott & Linda Dalrymple

“You’ve been absolutely great in every transaction we’ve had, even the ones that didn’t work out, and your consummate professionalism speaks loudly. That will be what gets said when anyone asks, “Do you know of a good real estate agent?…”
– Wes Ferris / The Ferris Group

“John, you earned your commission twice over (but don’t look for a bonus!). I believe, absolutely, that it is your diligence and thorough research before placing my property on the market that resulted in the rapid and problem-free sale. And it was your marketing expertise that resulted in the high sale price. I am very grateful for that.”
– Jennett Family Trust

“I just wanted to say that I am thrilled that you’re now representing my former neighbor on El Camino De La Luz. I hope it sells fast for you and you sell many more properties like this one. You are still the best agent around.”
– Margaret Jimenez

“Your input and advice were excellent. You’re honest and trustworthy, and you go that extra mile. Thank you.”
– The Meyers

“Thank you for your detailed report . . . it certainly reaffirmed my belief that you are the best agent for the job.”
– Jeannette Jennett

“You are calm, knowledgeable, and thorough. In a transaction that could bring on strong emotions you kept an even keel and responded extremely well to our demands and the short time we allotted for our home search.”
– Susan Forkush

“Thank you for your quiet, no pressure . . . and considerate approach. I felt you were focused and attuned to what I was looking for, and your quick response to my call for a showing was the only way we were able to secure the property.”
– Shela West-Jones

“John – Thank you for a job well done!”
– Bob & Lucy

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. . . . We couldn’t have done it without your help.”
– S. Graydon

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