WE GET INVOLVED — Arriving at a successful sale of your home is a many-faceted process.  Our reputation is built on our readiness to go beyond pricing, marketing, and showing, and the other things you typically would hire a good agent to do.  Our goal is to be great agents — to roll up our sleeves and “get our hands dirty,” to be fully available every step of the way.

WE HELP WITH OUTSIDE SERVICES — As a seller, just some of your considerations will be staging, finding vendors for household repairs, organizing, packing, and moving.  We can help.  And we can help you find your replacement home, either working with you ourselves, locally, or referring you to appropriate agents in other areas.

WE MAXIMIZE YOUR SALE — One example of our above-and-beyond service is this booklet we’ve prepared to help maximize the success of your sale.  It will give you the perspective buyers bring to viewing homes and it has specific suggestions for presenting your property to them.

There’s also a comprehensive section about security considerations while your home is on the market.







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