Click on the headings below for information, assistance, and products available to owners of manufactured homes.

Mobilehome annual registration or tax payments

Update your home’s annual registration with the state Department of Housing and Community Development or pay your tax bill.

Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Program

Help for low-income homeowners in restoring and maintaining their homes.  This site sometimes shows an “Error” message.  If so, go to Habitat’s “Home” page and click on the “Housing Initiatives” tab in the menu bar.

Utilities Discount Information

 Link to various utilities companies’ payment assistance websites.

Mobilehome Ombudsman Information

State of California information, coordination, referrals, and other assistance for manufactured home owners.

Servicios bilingues del departmento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Comunitario (HCD)

Formularios y materiales en español.

City of Carpinteria Mobilehome Park Resident Information and Resources

Carpinteria rent control and other information.

City of Santa Barbara Mobilehome Rent Control Information

Access to Santa Barbara’s Title 26 Housing Regulations.

County of Ventura Mobilehome Rent Control Program

Rent control and other public information.

City of Ventura Mobilehome Rent Review Board

Board information and links to many other information sites.

Online Mobilehome Parts

These companies and products not endorsed by us, but possibly useful anyway!

Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League

Statewide non-profit organization that supports owners of manufactured homes.

Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association Foundation

The WMA Foundation offers financial and other assistance to qualifying  mobilehome owners.  The WMA itself is a statewide non-profit that benefits owners, developers, and managers of mobilehome parks.

Frank J. Evans Scholarship Foundation

The FJE Scholarship Foundation (affiliated with the WMA) awards scholarships to qualifying young college-bound residents of mobilehome parks.

California Mobilehome Residency Law – 2023 – and frequently asked questions

The California Civil Code as it applies to mobilehome and manufactured home residency.  This law concerns dealings between the parks and park residents; it’s essentially the “landlord-tenant law” for mobilehome parks.

Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program

A state service to resolve certain disputes between mobilehome owners in mobilehome parks and park owners or management.

California Civil Code Title 25 – Mobilehome Park Regulations

This is the Civil Code section that sets regulations for how parks are developed and operated, as opposed to the Residency Law that pertains to park residents.

California Department of Housing and Community Development

The California department that governs mobilehome parks generally.

Permit Forms from the California Department of Housing and Community Development

Commonly used forms for obtaining home improvement permits from HCD.

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