As you know, the Internet is full of real estate web sites with all kinds of information.  Only some of that information is accurate, and only some of the accurate information will pertain to your particular home search.  The best thing you can do is to hire a good agent — whether it’s us or someone else — to help you filter all that down to the information that will best meet your needs.  We recommend you read our “Buyer FAQs” and our “Buyer Services,” but in addition, here’s why we believe you would be well served to hire us:


Market Context — Each city is unique, each neighborhood is unique, and each home is unique.  Finding a home that meets your needs and desires is great, but arriving at how much you should pay (or even offer) requires really knowing the market context for that particular home.  We’ll not only give you all the pertinent information you need, but we’ll offer our straightforward, unvarnished input.

Purchase Analysis — Sometimes the best price is not the best deal.  We can prepare a side-by-side analysis of your home purchase options, comparing not only price but terms, and help you decide which buy is best for you.

Document Review — Even after you negotiate a purchase contract, the paperwork will continue to flow — disclosures, disclaimers, advisories, loan documents, and escrow documents.  As requested, we will not only review each and every document with you, we will be present with you at every meeting you have with any ancillary service providers.




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